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The Red Business Plans from Vodafone Red Business Tariffs

Vodafone RedThe new "RED" tariffs from Vodafone are now available to business users. All plans come with unlimited minutes and texts so you don't need to worry about how much you're using your phone. Plans start at just £10.83 per month with a wide choice of handsets and include at least 1GB of data and 1GB of BT Wi-Fi access. Call us now on 0843 6367341 (calls cost 2p/minute from a BT landline).

Choose Your Handset and Calling Package

HTC One Mini (4G Ready)

HTC One Mini
  • £24.17 + VAT per month.
  • Unlimited mobile and landline calls.
  • Unlimited texts.
  • 1GB of data each month.
  • 500MB BT Wi-Fi minutes.

Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q10
  • £27.50 + VAT per month.
  • Unlimited calls to other mobiles.
  • Unlimited calls to landlines (01, 02, 03).
  • Unlimited texts.
  • 2GB of data each month.

Samsung Galaxy S4 (4G Ready)

Samsung S4
  • £27.50 + VAT per month.
  • Unlimited calls, texts and 1GB of data.
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 OS.
  • 16GB internal memory.
  • Include a landline to your mobile.

Handsets at £10.83 per month

Nokia Lumia 925
  • Blackberry 9320, Lumia 520 or Galaxy S3.
  • 100 minutes of talk time.
  • Unlimited number of text messages.
  • 100MB of internet usage.
  • 250MB of BT Wi-Fi minutes.

Or Select by Tariff

A large selection of inclusive packages is available ranging from SIM only to high usage tariffs. Most require a 24-month contract which is standard across all operators, although shorter terms are available.

Standard Red £24.17/month

The entry level tariff includes unlimited texts and UK minutes for just £24.17 per month. You get:

  • Unlimited calls and texts.
  • 1GB of data usage.
  • Blackberry Curve, HTC Desire or Nokia Lumia.
  • 250MB of UK Wi-Fi.
  • Add a landline for £10 per month.
  • 24-month contract at £24.17/month.

Red with Landline £34.17/month

A landline number diverted to your phone plus more data is an additional £10/month. You get:

  • Unlimited calls and texts.
  • 1GB of data usage.
  • Blackberry, HTC Desire, Galaxy or Nokia Lumia.
  • 500MB of UK Wi-Fi.
  • Diverted landline number.
  • 24-month contract at £34.17/month.

SIM Only Contract £12.92/month

If you want to keep your existing handset and make fewer calls, then why not just replace your SIM card? You get:

  • Unlimited UK texts.
  • 600 UK minutes.
  • 500MB of data usage.
  • 500 minutes to Vodafone mobiles.
  • 750MB of UK Wi-Fi.
  • 24-month contract at £12.92/month.

Data and Landline £38.33/month

If you need more data usage for internet browsing, managing emails and large files then this tariff could be for you. You get:

  • Unlimited calls and texts.
  • Double data usage at 2GB.
  • Blackberry, HTC Desire, Galaxy or Nokia Lumia.
  • 500MB of UK Wi-Fi minutes.
  • Landline number included.
  • 24-month contract at £38.33/month.

Get a Landline Diverted to Your Mobile with No Call Divert Charges

Sometimes potential customers shy away from businesses that display a mobile number as it implies a micro-operation. Displaying a standard landline number could improve your marketing and customer base. These numbers are automatically diverted to your mobile at no additional cost, so you never miss a call.

This bundle saves you at least £15 per month in line rental that you would have paid for installing a landline. This product is called "One Net Express" and enables control for sole traders that generally work away from their offices.

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