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The Range of Blackberry Handsets

Blackberry HandsetMany businesses use the Blackberry proprietary operating system to communicate with colleagues via the integrated email solution.

These state-of-the-art smartphones enable people to work on the road, whether in the UK or overseas.

You can receive complimentary handsets for business use on any of the EE, Orange or T-mobile tariffs that are available.

Why Choose This SmartPhone?

It has been the backbone of many thousands of businesses in the past few years. The device from Research in Motion (RIM) offers a full QWERTY keyboard on the phone itself which many people like. However, the iPhone is making inroads into this market and with the network outages experienced people are now looking elsewhere. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Blackberry handset?


  • IT departments have long held Blackberrys with great favour mainly for their advanced security measures.
  • Although most users probably only use it for email and apps, the integration with Microsoft products is perhaps one of the main advantages.
  • With the iPhone, it's more difficult to integrate other vendors' products although it's possible. You can certainly read and send messages, but it won't update directly with your laptop or desktop.
  • The additional keyboard feature was a mainstay of the first smartphones. Although they may make the actual handset a little more bulky many people like the ease of use for writing texts, messages and email.
  • Many businesses report increases in productivity by using the handset and can integrate it into their legacy systems.
  • There's also a huge range of business applications that can be integrated such as shared database access in addition to "always on" email messaging systems.


  • Many people have not tried the iPhone with its almost unbreakable operating system. If it were not for IT departments, perhaps more companies would have adopted these by now.
  • It almost appears as a gimmick rather than a serious productivity enhancement device.
  • There have been serious network outages recently which meant users could not access their accounts with the network being extremely slow or simply unavailable.
  • The application market also appears to be a consumer, rather than a business driven arena, with the Apple operating system now more popular with businesses than any other.
  • Development will however continue despite RIM seemingly being left behind in this competitive sector.
  • New models follow the touch screen abilities, but as seen as a poor contender against Samsung and Apple. Development of the overall offering is slow when compared to its rivals.
  • The web browser has much criticism when compared to Android or Safari, which makes surfing the net cumbersome.

What Models are Available?

Which model should you choose for your business? There are many to choose from which vary from a small smartphone to those that effectively emulate a laptop.

We have all the handsets including models: 9780, 9105, 9800 Torch, Curve 9300, Pearl 8100, Pearl 8110, 8120, 8220 Flip, Curve 8310, Curve 8320, Curve 8520, 8800, 8820, Curve 8900, Bold 9000, and the Bold 9700.

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