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Switch to the EE Business 4G Network for Faster Connection Speeds

The first network in the UK to offer their customers super fast 4G was EE. Everything Everywhere is the merger of the Orange and T-Mobile networks and businesses. Existing users from either network now benefit from EE billing systems and the 4G network coverage.

Benefits of EE Additional Benefits of EE

4GEE Network Plans

There's a range of 4G ready handsets including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The LTE provides instant downloads of web pages with average speeds of 12Mbps which is faster than most home broadband connections.

The rollout of the network is taking shape, and a large percentage of the UK has access to fast download speeds. Ask our advisors if coverage is available in your area today.

Starter Package

We can arrange a brand new iPhone 5 on a great tariff for no deposit. Your tariff includes:

  • 1,000 network minutes.
  • 1,000 texts per month.
  • 1GB of data (*).
  • Handset of your choice.
  • Only £28/ month.

* 1GB of data is enough to visit 2,000 web pages, download 100,000 emails or view 133 minutes of high-quality video. Other plans are available. Please call for more information.

Business Tariff

If you require more data or minutes, then there's a range of plans to choose from including:

  • Unlimited any network minutes.
  • Unlimited texts per month.
  • 2GB of data (*).
  • iPhone, Nokia Lumia or Blackberry Q10.
  • Only £33/ month.

* 4GB provides access to roughly 400,000 emails, 8,000 web pages, 530 iTunes or Google Play app store downloads and 530 minutes of high-definition video.

What is 4G and What are the Benefits?

iPhone 5 apps4G is the "Fourth Generation" of mobile technology since the initial launch during the 1980s. This development is the next step from 2G and 3G, which most other networks offer. Instead of 3G on your handset, you'll see the letters "LTE" which stands for Long Term Evolution Advanced, which is a true 4G transmission. In layman's terms, the network offers access to exceptionally fast download speeds, often in excess of 12Mbps in the UK. These speeds off almost instant access to most web pages, videos and email.

The investment by EE includes extending the coverage in the UK as well as improving connection speeds and reliability of signals. The maximum download speed is forecast to be 300Mbps, which is five or six times faster than fibre optic broadband in some homes.

There's a range of handsets available which fully take advantage of the data capabilities, including the Sony Xperia SP, Samsung Galaxy S4, Blackberry Z10, iPhone 5, HTC One and Nokia Lumia. These are all free on most plans.

The network allows business owners, and employees undertake more and improve efficiencies. It's easy to undertake live video conferencing, stream live videos and share data files. With most plans, you'll be provided with enough capacity to perform all day to day tasks without going over your usage limits.

Other Benefits

  • Virgin Media provides the free Wi-Fi minutes meaning you can now use broadband on the London Underground for the first time.
  • Orange Wednesdays become EE Wednesdays, providing you with two for one on cinema tickets and main meals at Pizza Express.

EE Wednesdays require the use of their free App on the Apple or Android stores.

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